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Train Hard Fitness Gym Vestal,NY is home to the best personal trainers and fitness boot camps in the Southern Tier. Our personal trainers in VestaL,NY offer their clients top-notch, one-on-one personal training. My name is Jason and I founded Train Hard Fitness, located in Endwell, NY, in 2014. I have been one of the top trainers in the Southern Tier for several years. My elite team of upscale, professional personal trainers bring with them a wide variety of fitness programs for our clients to choose from. They currently specialize in an 8-week, total-body-makeover program.

Our personal trainers build a one-of-a-kind program for each of their clients based on a custom fitness assessment, the fitness goals of the client, and the most suitable workouts for their body-type. In our personal training programs in Endwell,NY we use many different kinds of training techniques to produce the best results for our clients. Our personal trainers believe nutrition, in combination with supplements and muscle confusion, to be the most successful way of reaching their client’s fitness goals. Our health and fitness programs are very unique compared to other personal training companies. We offer our clients a service that goes above and beyond anyone else in the fitness industry.

Programs & Services

  • Personal Training – A custom exercise program to reach the client’s fitness goals
  • Lifestyle Coaching – Teaching client how to balance healthy living
  • Compound Training – Training that involves more than one muscle group
  • Boot Camp – High energy workout
  • 8 Week Total Body Make Over – complete nutrition and training program
  • Customized Nutrition Programs – designed by our nutritionist
  • Body Sculpting – all-around-fitness program
  • Interval Training – cardiovascular and strength training all in same workout
  • Weight Loss – focus on reduction of body fat
  • Cardiovascular – increases endurance and stamina
  • Body Building – creates muscle physique
  • Strength Training – builds lean muscle tissue
  • Injury Recovery – helps improve movement
  • Prenatal Personal Training – safe effective exercise regimens for females
  • Youth Training – for the younger generation
  • Functional Training – total body movement
  • In-Home Personal Training – In home exercise program
  • Custom Supplement Programs – All natural supplements to optimize clients health
  • In The Gym Training – is done at our private gym
  • Medical Exercise – controlling high blood pressure and over health and lifestyle issues